Tuesday, March 9, 2010

We are now in pre-production of : “I Was Trafficked”

We are now in pre-production of : "I  Was Trafficked"


The script pitch meeting was successful in determining our direction for the July/ August feature shoot. That movie will be a Human Trafficking drama that is being written now. The working title is "I Was Trafficked."


We have two possible sponsoring police departments, a contact for the FBI, a few homes, three lakes, some limos, and a few custom cars. We still need more locations and resources, however, so please make a list of everything you have that you think we might be able to use in this type of movie (we will need lots of hand guns). Adapting the script to the available locations will be an ongoing part of pre-production. The more possibilities, the better.


A co producer slot has opened as well as production coordinator. I will also need a second unit director and a very good AD. Any and all crew slots can be filled because we are going to run two or three deep in each crew slot. This will allow two crew shifts with backups. A two crew shift will be needed in the summer heat as well to schedule around everyone's full time jobs. Even if you have never worked crew, but would like to, I think we can find a spot for you.


I know that I mentioned a 9 day shoot in late July / early August. It is my vacation schedule that limits me to that. With the right co producer, those shooting days can be expanded as needed. If we have the locations and crew for it, we can ease our filming burden and shoot for 16 days (July 24 – August 8th) as well as shoot on any given weekend when the locations, people, and equipment can come together.


This is an important movie with a good message and it will work to protect young women. I want it done right. I want people who care about the project to get good positions within it. Quality is a big issue with this project; we will teat it with the same care as if it has a multi Million Dollar budget.
If you want to be active in this move, you need to join my AMMO yahoo group


Cody G. Carson

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