Thursday, February 11, 2010

My friendship with a CULTURE WARS the movie cast member has been restored

Two days ago, I posted some information here and in my Cody G. Carson blog about my personal relationship with Jon Michael Livaudais because it was inevitable to become public knowledge in the near future. However, after what has just happened, I regret the timing of that post. I now feel the need to post more personal information that is also certain to become public knowledge after the movie is released.


After Cathy Kinslow (CULTURE WARS the movie cast and crew member) read my blog post about upcoming media controversy dealing with Jon Michael Livaudais, she was able to able to contact him on Facebook. She informed him that I was making progress in finishing the movie. Shortly after hearing she had made contact, I sent a friend request and a message to Jon saying I wanted to chat.  To my surprise, he answered both requests and I was soon chatting with him online. It appears that my prayers have been answered and our friendship restored.


The liberals will never admit to this, but a heterosexual CAN be friends with a homosexual without approving of or condoning the gay lifestyle. Jon and I made an emotional connection during the filming of the movie and that chemistry can be seen plainly in Culture wars the movie. There are things about him, of course, that I cannot understand (and that made for a few humorous moments in some of our phone conversations). However, I knew in my heart during our time of filming that I had had found a friend for life; and that is why it hurt so badly when he had rejected our friendship a few years ago. I (like the rest of the cast) had grown to love Jon as a brother; the set was always more enjoyable and lively with him around.  


That being said, I do not want the above information to confuse the reader; I do not approve of the homosexual lifestyle, and I think is sinful, just as Jesus did. I remind my readers that I am an outspoken supporter of the Defense of Marriage Act, a pro-life, pro-family activist, and conservative evangelical Christian. Because of the influence of the Holy Spirit within me, I hate NO ONE; I am a lover of people in general, as is my Lord, Jesus Christ, and I strive to be like Him; He lived a life on earth as the epitome of Love without moral compromise. Jesus was tolerant of people, but did not condone sin. ALL sin is equal in God's eyes, and everyone (including me) sins. Why should I turn away from Jon because he is a homosexual? I am not intolerant. If I should turn from him, then I should turn from everyone who has sinned, including me.


Consider that and do not believe the lie of the liberals. You no not have to condone homosexuality to be tolerant of homosexuals. The driving force behind their lie is the militant homosexual activists who believe in moral relativism. If they can force the majority to conform to their beliefs, then they can justify to themselves that there is nothing wrong with them.  I, for one, believe in freedom of thought as well as freedom of religion. I will not bend to the politically correct movement that is daily eroding away our freedom of speech, thought, and religion. I will not allow the militant haters to silence me. Thus, I will also be the subject of attacks by the media when the movie is released. Jon and I now have a fragile friendship that will not be accepted by the gay community because it shines light on their self serving agenda. It will not be long before they try to convince him that we cannot be friends. I hope he will stand with me; gay or not- he is my friend.

I wish I had had time to reaffirm my friendship with Jon before the previous blog entry had been published. Because of upcoming pressures, it will be difficult to maintain that friendship in the public eye. I love him as a brother and I do not want to loose his friendship again.


~ Cody G. Carson

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  1. "Today I posted some information here and in my Cody G. Carson blog" -- I'm confused. I thought that this was your Cody G Carson blog.

    I especially like your two or three essays about Chrisitanity in America from a few years ago. They are probably here somewhere ...

  2. Yes, this is my Cody G. carson blog. The post was sent to a yahoo group as was copied her before it was corrected. - lol - oops