Friday, March 19, 2010

An Open Letter to Arkansas Representatives about ObamaCare

To: The Honorable Marion Berry, John Boozman, Mike Ross, and Vic Snyder,

Subject: ObamaCare



I am an Arkansan who strongly opposes the current form of "ObamaCare" health care reform. My list of reasons are long and I will not take away your important time listing all of them here. I know your vote is coming and I wanted you to hear my voice.


My information states that John Boozman will vote "No". If that information is correct, then Mr. Boozman, I want to thank you for standing strong against the "pull" of other congressmen and for having the courage to stand opposed to the President in this matter.


My information states that Marion Berry is undecided. Sir, if that is true, I humbly ask you to contact fellow Arkansan, John Boozman (even though he is a Republican) and ask him why he will vote "No". As for me, I ask you to support true free market reforms, not government run healthcare. I oppose any reform that would provide health care to illegal aliens; I can only see that as causing a ration of health care to elderly and/or disabled American citizens. I oppose any bill that would mandate coverage of abortion. I oppose all legislation that fails to protect the rights of doctors and nurses who refuse to perform or participate in abortions. The long list goes on and on.


I do not have current information on Mike Ross or Vic Snyder. If you two will be voting "No" then I thank you. If you plan to vote "Yes" I urge you to reconsider.  As you already know, the American people oppose this bill. I ask that you not to use the manipulation of congressional rules to force this bill into law – rather, I ask you as Representatives, to truly represent the will of the people. It would be a mistake if this passes into law. And it will be our next four generations who pay for this mistake.

Thank you for your time,

Cody G. Carson

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