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Casting Notice for “I Was Trafficked” or “Girls for Sale”

Casting for the movie "I Was Trafficked" or "Girls for Sale"


Notice: This movie deals with the tough subject of sex trafficking.


The target rating for this movie is PG-13. There will be no nudity, however it may be implied. Some of the scenes will be very intense and may cause the movie to get an R rating. There is no profanity written in the script, however, if an actor adds mild profanity during filming, it will be the director's discretion if it remains.


This is the first joint project of AMMO: the Arkansas Movie Makers Organization and IPG: the Indie Producer's Guild. AMMO and IPG have higher standards of decency than typical Hollywood productions. Although this movie will not be kid-friendly viewing, it is a pro-family movie that will help prevent young girls from being kidnapped by sex traffickers.


To get an idea of the thematic elements, see the movies "Human Trafficking" or "Taken". The purpose of this movie is to raise awareness of human trafficking and to protect women. 


Note: Due to low funding, all actor salaries will be paid on the back end after the sale of the movie. No travel expenses can be paid at this time. If travel expenses become available, they will be awarded according to the size of the part and / or status of the actor. If investment does increase, some private deals may be made with some actors for pay and travel expenses.


We are currently seeking sponsorship from police departments, hospitals, clinics, churches, women's help organizations, human rights organizations, anti-human trafficking organizations, pro-family organizations and private business owners.



Preliminary Casting Notice

"Girls for Sale" or "I Was Trafficked"

A Cody G. Carson film


(As of this posting all roles are open.)


Lead Characters


Sheriff Middleton – (Mid 40s) White. Tough looking- not unattractive. Can be slightly heavy. Confident, strong, moral. A family man made serious by his job. Former Military.


Mary Montgomery – (17) White. Fashion model or glamour model looks. Never touched or kissed; she is a head-strong outspoken conservative Christian activist who runs a video pod cast/blog. She is like a female version of Rush Limbaugh.


Kaydi Jones – (12) Cute, innocent and naïve in the beginning, but it does not last long. She is kidnapped by sex traffickers and is, raped, beaten, psychologically tortured and trained to be an underage hooker. She becomes "hollow" and distant through her plight. (Excellent acting skills are mandatory.)


Mike – (40- 50) White. Leader of the small sex trafficker gang. A cunning and forward thinking businesslike entrepreneur building an illegal local sex industry from the ground up. He takes pride in his small operation, Good at delegation. Only mean when needed. He does not think he is evil; he is amoral.


Supporting Characters


Deputy Holly Vega – (27 – 36) White or Hispanic. Attractive, tough, moral, good with computers and guns. Comfortable as a detective or undercover cop. Strong, single and not looking. Sheriff Middleton's tough case partner and a good friend.


Detective Truman Ford P.I. (40s) Can be any race. Credible, but has seen too much. Troubled by his past. Moral, Inwardly attractive. Team player. Becomes the unexpected love interest of Detective Holly Vega during the investigation.  


Derrick – (25 - 38) Black. Big. Scary. Tough. A sex trafficker who enjoys being abusive. Head strong and is sometimes a challenge to control. The girls fear him the most; He's a bully, loose cannon, rapist, and murderer.


Rodney – (30s) Hispanic. Medium to small. A sex trafficker, a follower. Has a soft spot, but it does not keep him from doing his job training the girls through rape and abuse. He offers occasional kind words and encouragement.


Todd Middleton (17) the Sheriff's son and Mary's boyfriend. A handsome, tall, thin, karate geek, science fair winner, inventor who is fearful of elaborate government and corporate conspiracies. He is Mary's cameraman. A follower.


Clare Middleton – (40) White, Asian, or Native American. A bit heavy due to change of life. Intimidated by Agatha's beauty. She's not the insecure jealous type, but suspects her husband's friendship with Holly Vega is a pending affair.


Jack Jones – (30s) Kaydi's father. A loving parent who has no clue about the world's dangers. Carefree, until his daughter is taken, then he steps into action.


Jenny Jones – (30s) Kaydi's Mother. A loving parent naïve about how fast her daughter is maturing. Feels helpless and lost after her daughter is kidnapped. 


Princeton Montgomery M.D. -(50)  Mary's father and a surgeon. A dedicated family man and strong Christian role model. Confident attractive and wealthy.


Agatha Montgomery -(33) A retired model, Mary's mother and Princeton's trophy wife. She's responsible for Mary's beauty. Conservative Christian morals.


Pam -(13) White. An innocent girl who is kidnapped by the sex traffickers. Due to psychological intensity, this part would not be suitable for some young actresses.



Minor Supporting Characters


Deputy Lucy Smith – (40+) Average appearance and build. A helpful deputy. Not many speaking lines, but some meaningful on camera time.


Karen -(14) The young actress who is used as bait in the opening action sequence sex predator sting operation.


Lance -(50) Any race. Owner of Memphis nightclub/brothel. Has V.I.P. contacts. Upscale businessman. No one would suspect he's involved in the sex industry.


Humphrey – (50-60) Lance's assistant and an auctioneer during slave trading. Heavy, short. Any race. A frustrated blue collar worker turned thug.


Small Parts

Bidder One – (30+) Male; Any race. A brothel owner who buys sex slaves from the Memphis brothel. Should be only a one day filming requirement.


Bidder Two – (40+) Male; Any race. A brothel owner who buys sex slaves from the Memphis brothel. Should be only a one day filming requirement.


Bidder Three – (40+) Female; Any race. A brothel owner who buys sex slaves from the Memphis brothel. Should be only a one day filming requirement.


Bidder Four – (50+) Male; Any race. A brothel owner who buys sex slaves from the Memphis brothel. Should be only a one day filming requirement.


Detective One – (25ish) A rookie Deputy with U.S. Marine enthusiasm.


Deputy Two – (30ish) a heavy "been there done that" cop at home on the job.


Bobby – (30s) A clean, attractive pedophile caught in opening sting operation.


Allen – (51) Rough looking truck driver pedophile caught in opening sting op.


Officer One (30s) A policeman who makes a traffic stop.


Slave One (10-12) A pre teen sex slave delivered to the Memphis brothel.


Slave Two (11-12) A pre teen sex slave delivered to the Memphis brothel.


Tina (24) Attractive and fully trained sex slave/prostitute at the Memphis Brothel.


CSI Investigator One ; any race, either gender, any age.


Note: More characters may be added or the status for some of the roles may change as the final script develops.


The first round of several auditions will be held March 27th in Little Rock, AR.


Filming is expected to be the last week of July and/or the first week of August.


We do expect the movie to be approved for SAG actors, but will be casting non-SAG actors as well.



For more details, join the AMMO yahoo group at:


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Cody G. Carson
film producer, director, actor, author, inventor

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