Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Open Auditions & Film Networking for Filmmakers

AMMO meeting

When: Saturday, March 27, 2010 from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m.

Where: Cox Building, 2nd Floor, Cox Creative Center / 120 Commerce Street, Little Rock, AR (Phone:501-918-3092/3030)

(located one block away from the River Market. It is between E Markham St. and E 2nd St. Look for a brick building across the street from a parking deck.)

Who: for Producers/Directors, Writers, Editors, Crew &  Actors/Models/Actresses

Admission: FREE

Parking: FREE across from River Market Parking Deck under bridge. Parking meters are free on weekends, but a 2 hour limit might be enforced. The Library parking lot is very expensive, but it is security controlled ($8 for 4 hours).  

Projection Equipment: Screen already supplied by Library. You may bring your own laptops and/or projector. Sharl will have her own laptop and projector.

Food and drink:  I have been told you can bring food. There is a CafĂ© on the 1st floor in the Cox Bldg. also

Smoking: Outside corner of Library parking lot, only.


Meeting 2: Networking and Auditioning

The first half of this meeting will be an open audition for actors and actresses. Producers who are developing professional film projects will have the opportunity to have pages acted from their pre-production scripts. So far, only three productions have been approved for script reading; Cody G. Carson's "I Was Trafficked" Sharl Hill's "Mrs. Best Advice" and Sam Bass' "Super Predator."


NOTE: this will NOT be the only audition for "I Was Trafficked". Actors who live out of the area may have a chance to audition in Dallas and/or Memphis; also, demo reels and audition videos will be accepted. The reels do not have to be professional grade and should be no longer than 5 minutes. (3.5 minutes is the preferred length.)   

NOTE: It is not known at this time how many (if any) paid or SAG acting jobs will be available at the time of the audition. Some of the script reading may be from scripts that are intended to be SAG productions when/if funded. Producers will be required to give any known budget and pay information before having actors read their scripts. Actors who only work for pay have no obligation to do any script reading from non-funded or "no pay" projects. "Super Predator" will be a SAG sanctioned project and plans are for "I Was Trafficked" to also be sanctioned by SAG. Contract specifics for both projects are still in development. "Super Predator" will have a much higher level of funding than "I Was Trafficked".

Pay for "I Was Trafficked"

"I Was Trafficked" is being put together with as many volunteer resources as possible so that all of the tiny budget can be used for the production itself. ALL pay & travel expenses for "I Was Trafficked" will be back end pay unless other arrangements are made, and no guarantee can be determined at this time about the film's profitability. The "I Was Trafficked" project is still in need or resources and sponsors. The primary reason for an early audition for this project is to bring in more people with suitable filming locations, vehicles, police related equipment, actors who can double as crew, and those with sponsorship contact. No final decisions will be made on any of the roles in this project based on this one audition alone. There will be time allowed for demo reels and possible out of state auditions as well.

Security note for "I Was Trafficked"

Audition notices were placed for this project on craigslist (notorious as a place for traffickers to advertize sex slaves). This movie project is seeking FBI participation / sponsorship. Therefore, because of the sensitive subject matter of this movie, all who are considered for a part in the film may be subject to background checks. Sex offenders will not be allowed to participate.  


Actors will get a sense of local projects in development and have a chance to meet the producers. Actors: bring your resumes, business cards and headshots if you have them. Note: in this informal environment, copy machine made copies of Headshots will be acceptable and non professional headshots will be permitted. No glamour shots or bikini/lingerie portfolios. Pictures must look close to the way you look now.

If there is a high audition turnout, the second half of the meeting will be moved to another date. If we are able to get through the auditions, the second half of the meeting will be a continuation of the networking that began in the first meeting. Producers and Directors who were not able to attend the first or second meeting will have a chance to catch up. Local producers/directors will get to form movie project teams from crew members attending. Actors who are interested in crew work will get the opportunity to stay for the full meeting.

 AMMO was created to help build a viable movie making market in Arkansas. Join us and become the foundation we build from.

Email Sharl Hill or Cody G. Carson (or respond to this posting) if you plan to attend.

Thank you,

Cody G. Carson & Sharl Hill

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