Friday, January 9, 2009

The Model Movie Project

Cody G. Carson’s Model Movie Project (copyright 2008 all rights reserved)

This innovative film project will be a movie about models that will be co-written and co-produced by models. Well known and well established professional glamour and fashion models will have the opportunity to use their influence and connections to help put the project together serving as actresses, advisors, casting consultants, contest judges, writers, and executive producers. Those who serve as executive producers will be establishing the careers of several aspiring models as well as broadening the horizons of their own careers.

The Model Movie Project is four marketable movies with three different genres rolled into one main film project and filmed simultaneously and efficiently with the same cast, locations, and budget. The main movie (as yet untitled) would be a drama with a fictional plot that has a setting of a modeling competition where professional and amateur models have gathered. The modeling competition can be a real competition and serve as a reality show. As an additional setting for the main plot, a filmmaker would be producing a documentary about how the different types of modeling affects culture and interviewing the contestants. Even though the movie itself is based on a fictional story, the documentary would be real and released as a separate production. The documentary and the modeling contest would be embedded in the main dramatic film. The girls competing in the contest and interviewed in the documentary will use their real names, and if they have a part in the fictional movie, they will play themselves so that the movie, reality show and documentary can be seamlessly integrated. A second documentary: The making of the model movie project (the forth film) would also be marketable since this type of integrated filming has not yet been done.

The Drama
The Movie about models would contain some scenes of the making of the documentary and parts of the modeling contest would be filmed for an international theatrical release beginning in the US. Depending on budget, the filming locations could be in various different countries and in several states of the United States. The film will have many embedded references to the name of the documentary and reality show as built in advertisements.

Consisting primarily of models who play themselves in the fictional drama, the plot could be based on a blend of fictional and true life events. One option I am looking at for the FICTIONAL plot is that the documentary filmmaker comes under investigation because a couple of the girls he has filmed have been raped or killed. Also, the investigating officer has a daughter who is in the contest and against her father’s wishes, sets her self up as a target to draw the stalker out into the open. Things go wrong and it is a race to save her life.

The Documentary
The documentary will consist of models of every type from famous professional glamour and fashion models to unknown internet models who are trying to do a self-start in the industry. It would be more of an encyclopedia explanation of various model types in the form of a video. It would include tips for getting started, things to avoid, and the cultural effect each type has from the most positive cultural arts establishment of the glamour model, to the negative and degrading effects of web cam models.

The Reality Show
The reality show based on the modeling contest could be edited and televised during production of the move and documentary and would serve as free advertising for those productions. This contest could be constructed for the movie project, or it could be the partnership and filming of an already existing modeling contest.

The Making of
A second documentary about the making of the Model Movie project could be easily assembled using existing footage of the three other projects and could include exclusive interviews and behind the scenes shot not shown in the other productions. This production would be marketed to satellite networks like HBO that already show “making of” types of documentaries and should be of interest not only because it involves a multiplicity of integrated film projects, but also because the beauty of subject matter – the models.

The viewpoint of the film would be that professional models, who market beauty, are real people with real personal lives and not just sex objects; models who market lust by using their beauty to sell sex are having a negative effect on how the culture views women. My goals would be to use the plot to help protect young women by demonstrating some techniques used by internet stalkers and sex traffickers. I also want to teach men how to look at women without lust while still recognizing their beauty. I want to demonstrate that women are not just sex toys – that the value of a woman is equal to that of a man even though her body and thoughts are all together different. I want to teach that it is a man’s responsibility and pleasure to honor, cherish and protect women, NOT to use his strengths to exploit them for his selfish carnal pleasures.

Note: At the time of this writing, this movie project is not yet funded.

Cody G. Carson

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