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Why Most Guys are Cheating Womanizers That Breakup Shortly After You Start Putting Out

Reality Check

Girls, you may have heard some of this from other girls before, but this is your opportunity to get a man’s perspective on cheating. First I want to say that his dishonorable conduct is NOT your fault. He did not cheat on you because YOU were not enough for him. He did not break up with you because you were unable to keep him pleased. Yes, that subject will come up when you confront him, because he knows that is how you will feel. You are a woman, designed to nurture, and it is natural for you to take on the blame for the “mistakes” of others.

If he can convince you that you somehow share the blame, then he does not have to face what he has done. He can justify it in his own mind, and if he can make you feel sorry enough about what has happened, he can give you one last tear jerking, bitter sweet bedroom encounter before he leaves you for the next girl. If you think you have anything at all to do with his cheating, then he can play you again and again and it will be difficult to get out of that situation.

Today’s Girls
Today’s postmodern culture is lead mostly by the liberal media (including Hollywood celebrity role models) and it does more to raise kids than parents who focus on their careers. One of the effects has been that young girls feel the need to compete with female movie stars in the areas of physical beauty and sexuality. Most of these celebrities began their careers in the upper echelon of facial beauty, have spent thousands of dollars on their figures, and wear clothing that shows every dollar invested. How can the average girl compete with a Hollywood standard?

Today’s girls also read magazines that focus on perfecting their superficial qualities and they receive little (if any) positive affirmation from their fathers. This reinforces a belief that their self-esteem is linked to competitive beauty and the ability to attract men. They feel spiritually empty if they do not have a boyfriend. These girls dress and act like the sex symbols they idolize and can link their quality of life with the quality of a relationship to a boy that is based on physical attraction. This leaves her wide open for disaster because although she craves an emotional bond with him, her skills of attraction have been developed and focused on sexual arousal and performance.

Because of how the female mind operates, intimacy is an integral part of the sex act. To her, opening her body to a boy is an act of trust and an intimate invitation to the emotional bonding she needs. However, with the way a boy’s mind works, sex can be (and often is) a superficial, recreational activity that can be compared to conquest and conquer. If she has not built the emotional bond with him prior to having sex, he can skip the bonding process all together and enjoy the sexual encounters with her exclusively as physical and visual experiences.

Today’s Boys

Today’s boys are also imprinted by the unrealistic standard of beauty set by Hollywood celebrities. The postmodern culture has taught that morality is relative - “What’s right for me is right for me, and what’s right for you is right for you.” “Truth is relative; there is no real truth.” It has also taught that sex is a legitimate form of recreation- “friends with benefits.”

The philosophy of evolution has programmed his mind to think, “We are all just animals,” “nothing really matters,” “the quality of my life is the sum of my experiences.”

These philosophies working together produce a mindset that life is the fulfillment of his desires from a “Me” perspective: When hungry – eat. When sleepy – sleep. When aroused – have sex.

Porn teaches guys that variety is good, that men know more about what a woman needs sexually than she does, and that even in a rape situation the woman enjoys it. Therefore, date rape drugs, getting her drunk or high, is fair play.

According to porn, if she lets him get to third base, she really wants it to be a home run; it is an invitation to be as persistent as it takes to get sex even if it means holding her arms and forcing his way in. To him it’s not rape; it has all been rationalized in relative truth that she is just pretending so he won’t think she is cheap. He can justify it by believing that she enjoyed the experience even if she cannot admit it to herself. To him, the proof of her real need for forced sex was in allowing him to get to third base and teasing his desires to the point of “loosing self control.”

According to relative truth, even if she convinces him at the last moment that his entry will be unwelcome, his reasoning can be that she is in the wrong for building up his desires without providing a release. To him she is in the wrong and he is justified to proceed.

To understand this, consider that a person’s actions are a result of a person’s thoughts. Thoughts are a result of core beliefs (worldview) as influenced by environment, peers, needs and emotions. The core belief structure, however, is the strongest governor of actions. People, who believe that they are animals, will indeed act like animals.

Today’s Relationships

Today’s girls need a committed relationship from her boy, and today’s boys want a variety of beautiful sex partners. This means that if the girl will only have sex with her boyfriend, then becoming her boyfriend is what the boy will do in his conquest to get sex.

Through trial and error, he learns to be a very convincing actor. He only lets her see his nice guy side until he has won her as his prize and has satisfied his desires. Since his goal was to get sex, the relationship is built on a lie (that he feels does not really exist since truth is relative). If another girl will sleep with him while he is in the “commitment”, then he will. If he needs to tell more lies to cover it – no problem. After sex with his girlfriend has become routine, he breaks up. If she hangs on to him, he becomes a real jerk. This, like the nice guy, is a character that he plays to make her let go with less drama and share as much blame as possible.

As her spirit darkens and her hope fades, she looses her self-esteem and therefore lowers her standards somehow thinking she can’t get any better. After jerk one is gone, she finds that jerk two is an ever bigger jerk. Jerk three is even worse. By the time jerk four has come along and seduced her on a one night stand, she realizes that two years ago, she would not have been interested in dating a guy like that and would never have slept with him. She can eventually give up inside and get passed from player to player with no hope. When she gets tired of the pain, she may choose to become a lesbian to protect herself from another man’s sting. Her soul then becomes hollow as she tries to find her self-esteem in the arms of another broken woman.

Behind the Scenes

The codependent dysfunctional relationships between today’s boys and girls work exactly as they have been designed by the architects of the postmodern worldview. After sixty years of mass media and government ideological infiltration, the fruits of their labor are maturing. This worldview was constructed by liberal atheists for the purpose of disempowering and replacing the biblical worldview that founded the United States of America.

The Problem with America and Christianity

The U.S. has been the primary target of ideological attack from many different anti-Christian, anti-Semitic, and anti-capitalist cultures for over a hundred years because it has been the evangelical Christian influence of the world which protects Israel from Islamic aggressors and propagates capitalism and freedom.

The biblical worldview is so threatening to so many other types of ideologies, that there has been a mergence of many opposing special interest groups and ideological views around the same core - the hatred of conservative evangelical Christianity. An example of this is the alliance of the pornographic industry with the feminist movement. Editors of Porn magazines claim to be feminists yet publish material from the male dominant viewpoint. The pornographic industry exploits women, propagates rapists, and fuels the lust that spreads sex trafficking. Meanwhile, the feminist movement degrades men, denies gender roles, and its extremists view all heterosexual sex that involves some seduction or persuasion as a mild form of rape. Yet, both the feminists and the pornographers sell the same lie that porn, “frees women.” The feminist movement turns a blind eye to the many incidences of rape that occur during the production of pornographic movies and during adult photo shoots.

The strategy of the anti-Christian allies of the postmodern worldview is to weaken the civilization of the United States by destroying its foundation: the family. Pornography, feminism, and the radical homosexual movement march relentlessly against the strength and definition of marriage. After years of fighting, conservative evangelical Christians are now loosing the culture war in America and because of that, the morality of its citizens as a whole is in a state of decline. Thus the statement, “where have all the good men gone?”

The Solution

Girls, you can see by the condition of your heart and the hearts of your girlfriends that this replacement worldview is not working. You may not have luck finding a good man today in America because they have been raised by today’s conventional “wisdom.” However, you girls will one day become mothers. You can choose to let things continue as they are or you can stand against today’s alliance of anti-Christian ideologies. You can raise your kids with a biblical worldview; It teaches that there is truth, there is right and wrong and that people were created by a loving God and are expected to act according to the morality that God made. Men should love, honor, cherish and protect women. A man should be faithful to the woman he is with. She is his friend and has equal value as a human. The bible teaches that sexual experiences are for husbands and wives to enjoy for intimacy and pleasure. It teaches that women are not the sex toys of men; it teaches honor, respect and integrity.

The bible provided the foundation of morality that ended slavery and influenced the cause for equal woman’s rights.Please do not take my word for it – I’m just a guy; start visiting any conservative evangelical Christian church that teaches the bible as the Word of God and as a literal history book and you will hear the same messages.

I wish I could say that all men who have been brought up by the Christian Church are faithful and truthful all the time; however, there are many complicated factors that can cause a person to live in contradiction to their own morals. A few of these include: addiction, depression, hunger, discouragement, anger, rebellion, and fear. However, a person’s life tends to follow their core beliefs. A person’s worldview is like the rudder on a ship that guides him or her through the storms and currents of life. The influence of circumstance may blow that life temporarily off course; the current of temptation or addiction may point it to an undesirable heading, but the rudder will eventually guide it back onto the course set by the worldview. It is logical and statistically proven that the biblical worldview produces happier, more faithful, more truthful, longer living, better providing men, who make better fathers than does the postmodern worldview.

The postmodern world view teaches that parents should let children discover their own values. This is taught, because the values desired by the postmodern worldview are being indoctrinated to today’s children in the schools and through the liberal media.

What world will your daughter grow up in, and what kind of man will your son become? You, as a mother, will have the ability to teach the values of your choice to your kids. That is unless the designers of the postmodern worldview achieve their eventual goals to institutionalize childcare under the guise to free up parents for the pursuit of their own careers without the kid factor interfering. At that point, states’ rights will trump parental rights and the children will be spoon fed whatever ideology the institutions decide is best for ridding the world of marriage, the family, Christianity, Israel, capitalism and freedom.

It is now the time for all mothers and future mothers to fight for their right to shape the next generation by being proactive with instilling their own pro-family values into their kids, or the hand that rocks the cradle will soon be the state that rules the world.

By Cody G. Carson
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  1. I do not agree with your comments about women becoming lesbiens after several failed relationships,I think you get turned on by your rape fantasies and porn talk about lesbiens.
    You my freind are a sexiest and hypocrite, so you need to really think about what you say and proof read your statements before you jput them out for the world to see.

    i as a woman do not appreciate it at all.

  2. You need help, a lot of help: pour spelling and bad grammar shows your lack of intelligence. Your stupid option and lack of facts shows your ignorance.

  3. I was asked to come to this site and read this section of the blog.I would like to say that a lot of what is being said here is true.I will have to disagree with the statement being made regarding porn leading to date rape and the use of date rape drugs, because in my opinion you were taking your thoughts on the topic a little too far with those harsh words.I will say that I somewhat agree with your views on what the media has done to girls, how men currently perceive women,and the increasing dilution of the what it means to be involved in monogamous sexual relationships.I can also speak from experience and say that having at one time been invloved in the adult industry that what it does do is ruin personal relationships, friendships,and places an awful stigma on those who perform.Sometimes that stigma is warrranted and others it is unwarranted, as in my case.Carson, I wish you the best in all of your future endeavors, you may wish to leave out some of the extra harsh thoughts on the industry and focus on how it ruins relationships and not so much on the false perceptions such as the whole date rape spill.Now moving onto English_major and the Rope, English you forgot to add that based on RopeBurn's grammatical mistakes, that they also lacked intelligence as well as yourself in the wrong use of the word pour , where you used a verb , it should have been an adjective (poor). Some should do a little self introspection before spewing negative words at others. Rope, how in the world do you find anything sexist in this blog? Weird.Save the polar bears!

    Your fellow Christian,
    Victoria Taylor ;)

  4. Victoria,
    Thank you for accepting my invitation to this blog post, and for making an intelligent, level-headed, and credible comment. I fully respect your opinion even though we disagree on the date rape issue. I am glad to hear that you have left the sex industry and are in a relationship with Christ.

    When I first googled your name, I didn’t get anything, but I now see on your myspace that your porn name is Corina Taylor. I was not willing to go the sites listed on google to find out more information about you, but I did go to the link on wikipedia and I did read your interview on your myspace profile. I read where, according to your experiences with industry professionals, you were left with the perception that the industry is for the most part, a fun and safe environment. I think that, along with a pro-porn peer group, a large number of supportive fans, and the partial acceptance your mom and step dad had of your participation, has a lot to do with your opinion about porn not affecting men in the area of rape. I am very glad you were not one of the rape victims.

    I also gather from what I have read, that you – like me- are open minded and willing to accept scientific evidence in the formation of your opinions. I believe that because of your vantage point within the industry, you have somewhat been shielded from the negative affects porn has on men (and women & children), just like German high school students have been shielded from the Holocaust. I think if you do some un-biased research, you may change you mind about my words against the industry being too harsh, and my description of date rape as being unwarranted. The following is a very small sample of evidence that is easily accessible. I gathered it from conservative, liberal and objective sources to nullify any political agenda. My friendly challenge to you is for you to do your own research in this area and see if the data you gather fortifies or changes your opinion. Here goes:

    In an article originally published by NOMAS, the National Organization for Men Against Sexism, Robert Brannon, Ph.D. - Chair, Pornography and Prostitution Task Group, wrote about how porn influences not only date rape, but other forms of rape as well. This particular organization is liberal and pro- gay (opposite of me) however we are in lock-step on our negative views about porn, because it is simply based in truth. This article is well worth the read. The part I would like to quote here is from the opening paragraph: “A huge majority of Americans believe that some forms of "pornography" - eg. eroticized rape scenes - influence some men toward real-life sexual aggression. Social science also now confirms this. A large body of behavioral research shows that men exposed to certain rape portrayals show psychological changes that increase the likelihood of attacks on women. A common scenario - She refuses, he forces her, and she loves it! - appears to have especially harmful effects.
    Young male viewers become more likely to believe "all women want to be raped," more prone to fantasizing rape, more likely to say they personally would rape if there were no punishment, more aroused by violent rape scenes, and more ready to inflict pain on women.”

    Here is the link:

    Here are two quotes from, “ …early exposure (under fourteen years of age) to pornography is related to greater involvement in deviant sexual practice, particularly rape. Slightly more than one-third of the child molesters and rapists in this study claimed to have at least occasionally been incited to commit an offense by exposure to pornography. Among the child molesters incited, the study reported that 53 percent of them deliberately used the stimuli of pornography as they prepared to offend.”
    “…The habitual consumption of pornography can result in a diminished satisfaction with mild forms of pornography and a correspondingly strong desire for more deviant and violent material…”

    These are some of the Documented effects of pornography as listed in an article by the The

    “Psychologist Edward Donnerstein (University of Wisconsin) found that brief exposure to violent forms of pornography can lead to anti-social attitudes and behavior. Male viewers tend to be more aggressive towards women, less responsive to pain and suffering of rape victims, and more willing to accept various myths about rape.”

    “Dr. Dolf Zimmerman and Dr. Jennings Bryant showed that continued exposure to pornography had serious adverse effects on beliefs about sexuality in general and on attitudes toward women in particular. They also found that pornography desensitizes people to rape as a criminal offense.”

    “These researchers also found that massive exposure to pornography encourages a desire for increasingly deviant materials which involve violence, like sadomasochism and rape.”
    “Researcher Victor Cline (University of Utah) has documented in his research how men become addicted to pornographic materials, begin to desire more explicit or deviant material, and end up acting out what they have seen.”

    “According to Charles Keating of Citizens for Decency Through Law, research reveals that 77 percent of child molesters of boys and 87 percent of child molesters of girls admitted imitating the sexual behavior they had seen modeled in pornography.”

    “Sociologists Murray Straus and Larry Baron (University of New Hampshire) found that rape rates are highest in states which have high sales of sex magazines and lax enforcement of pornography laws.”

    “Michigan state police detective Darrell Pope found that of the 38,000 sexual assault cases in Michigan (1956-1979), in 41 percent of the cases pornographic material was viewed just prior to or during the crime. This agrees with research done by psychotherapist David Scott who found that “half the rapists studied used pornography to arouse themselves immediately prior to seeking out a victim.””

    And finally: “The tragedy of sex apart from God’s ideal standard was no more forcefully presented than by this young lady who testified in Chicago before the 1986 Commission on Pornography:
    “I am a former Playboy Bunny … I never questioned the morality of becoming a Playboy Bunny because the magazine was accepted at home. [During my time with Playboy] I experienced everything from date-rape to physical abuse to group sex and finally to fantasizing homosexuality as I read Playboy magazine.
    “I was extremely suicidal and sought psychiatric help for the eight years I lived in a sexually promiscuous fashion. There was no help for me until I changed my lifestyle to be a follower of Jesus Christ and obeyed the biblical truths including no premarital sex.”

    Here is the link:
    I could go on all day and publish enough evidence to make this one comment into an online book, I will stop here because I think I have stated my case. Anything else – I feel – would just be overkill.
    For anyone else reading this: I am just as prepared to backup any of my opinions expressed in the blog post. I did not list my sources because it is a viewpoint article – not a research article. I am very limited by time, however, if anyone has a question about my views and would like more information, I will try to assist. The purpose of this article is to help and protect women as well as to make a logical defense of the biblical worldview.
    A note to haters: please no not use profanity in your comments. Thank you,
    Cody G. Carson

  5. I am not sure where you are trying to go with your response to my comment, however I do see that you are quite mistaken on your perception of events in my life both while active in the adult industry and in-active. I am still in disagreement that porn permits the use of date rape drugs as well as promotes date rape because again, that is just ludicrous.You are mistaken in that my parents actually supported me in an industry in which I stumbled into as a joke.I embarrassed them greatly with my actions, but my parents would love and support both my brother and I no matter what path we chose in life.I was a victim of being forced into a sexual act onset and it caused a lot of controversy and I do not wish to dig up bones here by posting to your blog.It was not an incident of your date rape perception,something quite different.I was not left with the perception that the adult industry was both fun and safe in the way you are making out to seem, but as far as being safe healthwise with the contstant regulation of the performers health, it just simply is fairly safe working environment.It is not one that I wish to be known for as I have other aspirations in life.I am not saying that it is a bad industry as there are many who enjoy it and many well known celebs who bask in the festivites each year at the AVN awards,such as the likes of Kid Rock to P.Diddy.The industry itself is mainly frowned upon more in the bible belt or what are known as the evangelical states, the most judgemental ones, because that is their learned culture.I have recently been under fire or actually attck through both my personal mail and various sites in which I recieve email through, by people who are askng me how I can call myself of God looking like a stripper and prositute and also going as far to send 30 page scary letters to my home that say that I lack religion and guidance which cold not be farther from the truth.I was raised Catholic and attended Catholic school,I was baptised Catholic eraly on and later re-baptised in a Catholic church, but all of this irrelevant information and I am about to tell you why , because those who truly know the bible know that faith is the heart and not how one makse a living.It is also not where one goes to worship or what they drive or wear.The bible does speak out against those judge people as if they are God themselves and this is where things tend to go sour for me, because those who claim they are of God and the bible choose to persecute me for calling myself a Christian both during my career in the adult industry and after having left the adult industry, these are the ones I worry about, these will be the ones who will be burning hell and they will be the ones who earned their seat in hell with pride without even realizing it because they are blind to their own hypocrisy and shortcomings.
    "Let he who is without sin cast the first stone."

  6. I am also unclear on how you can equate pornography with chid molestation it sounds like you have been listening to way too many self- righteous evanglists and Kenneth Copeland tapes and doing no telling what else while listening to them...The proliferation of pornography has nothing to do with any of the things you have presented to me in your response.On the Playmate issue , she was probably suicidal because she thought she would have had Pam Anderson level fame after posing in the magazine and it did not happen for her the way she envisioned.Playboy playmates are widely accepted as there are even mainstream movies such as the House Bunny and reality shows on E!.The only people who do not accept playmates are the types in which I spoke of in my post above.You asked me not to defend the industry but I will not stand for unfounded generalizations.These are unproved theories and false generalizations.The adult fim industry in which you asked me to comment about does not do anything you have spoken about on your blog.

  7. Victoria,
    I only asked you not to defend the adult industry in the movie making yahoo group that I invited you to join. Most of those members are conservative Christians and I did not want to start a fire that would be distracting to the mission of that group. I’m not saying that the adult industry cannot be talked about in that group either – it is a topic that comes up from time to time. I just wanted the members to have a chance to get you know you first. THIS blog is public and open game to anyone who wants to defend or condemn the adult industry. I have a plethora of scientifically credible evidence on standby to defend my condemnation of it.

    I apologize for my mistake about thinking your mom and step dad having partial approval of your involvement. That came from your step dad appearing on the Howard Stern show and (if I remember correctly) your mom taking the picture of you that was submitted to the “barely legal” Penthouse contest that got things started for you.

    I would also like to apologize on behalf of the Christian community for the personal attacks that were made against you. You as a person are loved by God – period. The whole point of God leaving His thrown to become one of us, was so that Jesus could meet us were we are – no matter where we are in life when we call out to Him. You do not have to attain any degree of holiness, righteousness, purity, good works (or whatever else) to earn God’s love or acceptance. All anyone has to do is: 1. recognize that Jesus Christ is God in the flesh. 2. Recognize that they are separated from God by the sins they have committed. 3. Understand that those sins cannot be paid for by good works (That’s the whole point of the death on the cross), and that they need God’s forgiveness. 4. They repent of those sins (repent means to make a conscious choice to turn away from). 5. They ask Jesus to forgive them of their sins. 6. (This is the part so many people miss) They put Jesus in the leadership position of their life; they are no longer the god of their own life, but have submitted to the lordship of Jesus Christ and have chosen to follow His will over their own. If you have done that, then you truly are of God.

    I do understand, however, the Christian community’s opposition to the adult entertainment industry. I also have that same opposition and am active in the culture war. However, there is a right way and a wrong way to wage that war: If you want to rescue someone from the adult industry (or help them with an exodus from anything other lifestyle) you love them out. If you don’t like the life they live, you give them a better one. If you don’t like where they live, you give them a better home. You don’t just go in burning their house down, pointing fingers and calling names. Hate saves no one. We are called as followers of God to hate sin and to hate evil. That is so we do not allow it in our own lives – not so that we hate others. We are called to love everyone. It is easy to get confused sometimes and hate who we feel are sinners or evil people, when what we are supposed to do is hate the evil or sin in the person while loving the person. It’s like this: Suppose you have a brother (who you love dearly) that has a problem with drinking and driving. You are not supposed to hate your brother – just his drinking and driving lifestyle. You are not supposed to fear being judgmental and sit around doing nothing, your love will cause you to be proactive and try to stop your brother from doing what will eventually hurt him and others. He may get mad at you and say that you are controlling. You may get mad at him for not heeding your warnings and examples of all the drinking and driving deaths that happen each year. He may say that he drives better when drunk, he may accuse your opposition do drinking and driving as being ludicrous and may accuse you of being a self-righteous hypocrite who probably does drug or who knows what else. His opposition is based in emotion – not logic, because if he accepts the information you give him, then he has to take responsibility for the damage he may do to someone; he can’t hide from it any longer, and then he has to change. It is a tough love situation that is not an easy road to travel.

    They may have done it out of pride, self righteousness and hate, as you have claimed, and if so, it was very wrong. But there may have been some who approached you in love that was misunderstood also – as in the example above. I am one such person. You said you do not want to be known for porn – that you have other aspirations. That movie making yahoo group is a start. I’m not saying that you need my help, but help is not a bad thing. (I wish someone would help me find an investor – LOL)

    I am very sorry to hear that you were raped on set during filming of a porn movie. I respect your wishes to not dig that up and talk about it. I ask that other readers of this blog respect your wishes too.

    I hope and pray that you find a home of acceptance outside the adult industry now that you have left it, and that you find a core group of friends who identify with you as Victoria Taylor, not Corina Taylor. I had a friend once who had left the gay lifestyle for the sake of a pure walk with Christ. He turned from his Gay friends to avoid temptation, but was unable to find enough acceptance within the Christian community. Not wanting to be friendless, he turned back to his gay friends who accepted him back into the gay lifestyle with open arms. We as the Christian community should have been there for him and should have been the greater example of love. It was our mistake. I hope that mistake is not repeated with you. As Christians, we need to welcome out of the adult community and accept you as a person in love. In that way, we would be following the example of our Lord.

    To anyone else reading this: I will delete any comments that are a personal attack on Victoria. It is up to her whether she wants to have a dialog or debate with you about her opinions.

    These are my closing statements about our debate:

    You are right, Victoria that playboy bunnies and the adult entertainment industry as a whole is becoming more popular and more accepted by the general public. I can come up with proof to support your statement. However, it is the danger and harmfulness of porn - not the acceptance of it that we have been debating. No amount of popularity, celebrity endorsement, or public acceptance will change the scientific evidence that documents the effects of porn on rape. Its danger may be an inconvenient truth, but it is one that is well documented and unquestioned within the scientific community and in law enforcement. The popularity of porn is a sign of the times in the culture we live in- not an endorsement of its safety. I have been standing on well documented and proven scientific evidence throughout this debate, not Kenneth Copeland tapes, or the learned culture of evangelical states. It will take scientific evidence to trump scientific evidence, not more of the unfounded generalizations you say you won’t stand for. If you have no science, then we have no debate.

    Thank you for your participation; it has been fun. Thank you for defending me against the haters who posted those absurd comments. And thank you for your friendship; it is valued. I’ll talk to you more in the yahoo group - but about other things – lol :)