Thursday, January 22, 2009

My Film Making Philosophy About Filming Women

Since each frame of a film can bee considered equivalent to a painting, everything in that frame either adds to or detracts from the beauty of a film. Producers often use women in film as living art forms to decorate their story; therefore there is a tangible value for feminine beauty in motion pictures. However, when the wardrobe, angles, or movements of the woman create gratuitous lust, unnecessary dirt is hurled onto the artists canvas. To a degree, sex appeal is expected; it is when the marketing of beauty for the sake of art is changed into the marketing of lust (therefore exploiting women) that the line is crossed. We as filmmakers must use good judgment, knowing that the lure of the camera can seduce the actress into showing more and doing more than she is naturally comfortable with. Let us not contribute to the sex crimes against women by marketing a film that degrades and devalues them, and rewards the darkest of male fantasies. Rape is not a hate crime against women as it has been marketed. It is a crime of lust which very often is fueled by desires triggered by the images and thoughts that saturate porn and films with gratuitous sex scenes.

Because of the time spent watching TV, movies, and web surfing while both parents are working, the images, ideas, songs and messages contained in the media have become the shaping tool for tomorrow's generation. For better or worse, writers, directors, producers, actors, models and singers have become our culture builders, heroes and leaders. While it is important to have and express artistic freedom, we MUST take responsibility for the content and viewpoint of our art. The strength of our civilization and the possible survival of our government depend on the future leaders whose minds are being shaped by the entertainment industry. We do more child ideology building than a lot of parents who are more focused on paying the bills.

What disturbs me the most is the degrading way filmmakers portray women and also the Christian faith that founded western civilization.

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