Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Coach Bobby Petrino fired from the University of Arkansas

Coach Bobby Petrino fired from the University of Arkansas

Yes, that's right. Bobby Petrino, The Arkansas Razorbacks' best-ever head football coach was fired yesterday. And NOT for his performance- In four seasons he turned the Arkansas football program into a national powerhouse. He was Arkansas' best chance to win a national championship this year.

But he also publically embarrassed the university with the scandal surrounding his affair and lies after the April 1st motorcycle accident when he and his mistress were taking a ride on his Harley.

Athletic Director, Jeff Long was faced with a tough choice: Fire his friend, whom he hired and invested so much in because "it was the right thing to do"….. or….. Look the other way and keep Bobby Pertrino onboard as head coach in the Hogs best potential year so far to win that national championship.   

I for one, am a diehard Razorback fan… Nobody wants our Razorbacks to win a national championship like I do; but I must say that in the middle of this lost and biblically illiterate, pornography vexed generation where sex scandals are the norm- I am so proud of Jeff Long for doing what was right- even when it was difficult.

For the past few years I have had a very dim outlook on secular state run schools and universities because of their closed-mindedness when it comes to science, evolution, intelligent design and Christianity. However, I now a very good reason to be proud of MY university.  

I am a former U of A student.


On a lighter note:

"I tried to come up with a good blonde joke about Dorrell riding on the back of Petrino's Harley….. But when I get to the punch-line, I keep getting thrown off."  ~ an original joke by Cody G. Carson


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