Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Upcoming media uproar & controversy over gay cast member

The character of Pat Reeves in "Culture Wars the movie" begins as a gay activist. During the course of the film, his circumstances cause him to repent of his homosexuality and choose to follow Jesus Christ as a heterosexual Christian. I wanted to find a real-life former gay Christian to play the part of Pat Reeves. I was not only successful in finding such a young man, but he was an actor as well – and a very good one at that. Jon  Michael Livaudais played his part as if it were custom written for him; during filming he even made several comments that he and the character "were as one".


At separate times during the shoot, we filmed an interview with Jon and another former gay cast member (as well as an interview with an active gay cast member). We recorded their thoughts about the movie and its message. During Jon's interview he stated his thoughts on homosexuality (after the fact) and told of his personal denouncement of the gay life style. This was for the special features section of the DVD to be titled "Cast Interviews".


However, after Jon went back to his home state, he became very lonely. According to him, the Christians who knew of him as gay did not accept him as straight. His gay friends also did not accept him as a FORMER gay. In his loneliness he experienced a psychological torment similar to what I had written for the Pat Reeves Character. In the movie, this led the Pat Reeves character to a suicide attempt. In real life, the loneliness drew Jon into the arms of the only group he thought that wanted him – the gay community; but not as a former gay- as an active gay. Choosing acceptance in one lifestyle over banishment of two, he reentered the gay community, once again embracing the homosexual life style.


Two years after the filming of the movie, and while it was at a standstill because of the sabotage, I called Jon to see if he would be available to re-shoot his final scenes. His boyfriend answered his phone and this was when I had learned of the lifestyle bounce back. Jon told me his story first hand; I became very angry at the hypocrisy of the Christians who knew him. Shouldn't Christians be the MOST sympathetic and compassionate people on the face of the Earth? Was it not God through Jesus who forgave us, forgot our past, and gave us a new start? Why then were we not able to follow God's example with this very special, good natured and softhearted young man? The Cast of Culture Wars the movie had fully accepted Jon and had grown to love him. What was the difference? Was it because we first came to know him a "former gay"? I don't think so. Where then was the problem?


Jon was "turned" away from us. He no longer wanted to participate in the movie project and declined to return to Arkansas to re-film some of his best acting moments. He said it would be, "Conflict of Interest". He also rejected the friendship that he and I had developed during the filming of the movie. That hurt deeply.


When militant gay activists get this story it will no doubt be twisted to portray Jon Michael Livaudais as the new poster boy for the victimization of gays by Christians. Jon himself may also come under attack by the homosexual movement because of his denouncing the lifestyle.


I hope it is the movie, and not Jon who comes under fire when this project is released. One thing is for sure, if the movie is successful, Jon Michael Livaudais' name and perhaps even his private sex life will become a battle topic in America's culture war. I hope he is spiritually prepared.


Will REAL Christians be given the chance to love him back into the heterosexual Christian lifestyle? I ask all Christians reading this to pray for him.


Cody G. Carson


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