Wednesday, January 20, 2010

My short story about Terri Schivo

The Death of Princess Schivo

Once upon a time in America Land there was a dark fairytale. As police arrested those who tried to protect and serve her, Prince Harming murdered his damsel in distress with the High Court's blessing. He took her unused medical fortune to provide for his replacement princess. Those with compassion were labeled as having a political motive. Those who killed her to push the pro-euthanasia agenda were hailed as merciful by the media.

Michael Schiavo (Prince Harming) turned down a ten million dollar offer to release Terri Schiavo. Her loving parents pleaded with the Justices for the right to care for their daughter in her time of need. They offered credible eyewitness testimony as to her true level of consciousness. However, illegal hearsay evidence had a louder voice in the courts.

The love and determination to "carry out her wishes" was plainly demonstrated by Prince Harming's emotional abandonment, live-in mistress, denial of Terri's updated brain scans, threats to fire nurses who attempted to rehabilitate her, and by hording the millions that were intended to help her recover. He also demonstrated his love by denying her family permission to be with her when she died. And, as a statement of his innocence, he insisted to have her body cremated so it could not later be exhumed for third party autopsy.

Because the Supreme Court assisted Michael Schiavo in his heroic battle against a brain damaged invalid, the credibility of the U.S. Justice System was lost in the eyes of the world. However, it was a price "the Left" was willing to pay to further devalue human life. All was happy in Leftwingville.

And they lived happily ever after? Not so….battle cries now ring out; from Capitol Hill to church pulpits, knights from the Religious Right regroup. This battle won't end until "the pull-the-tube politicians" are un-seated, the Dread Judges have been impeached and Michael Schiavo has been jailed for murder.

By Cody G. Carson

This Terri Schiavo yahoo group was started by Cody G. Carson in 2005 before she was murdered:

…. May we never forget.

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