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Cody G. Carson’s Rapture Recorder Inventions

Cody G. Carson’s Rapture Recorder Inventions

(Copyright 1999, 2008, and 2009; all rights reserved.)


This is an explanation of my 1999 inventions; the Rapture Recorder, the Rapture Alarm, the Rapture Alert System, the Vanishing Switch and their related components. I sent out a press release a few years ago that contained a brief summary of the Rapture Recorder invention, and have since learned that sermons have been preached in churches explaining this invention concept. This write-up has more in-depth information than the original press release and contains a link to that original release as well.

If you are familiar with the concept of the rapture and the various beliefs concerning it, you can skip Part One.

Part One: The Rapture and Popular Interpretations

What is the Rapture

The rapture is NOT the second coming of Jesus. The rapture is a preceding event with widely varied interpretations of its timing relative to the Great Tribulation.

The word rapture does not appear in the bible; it comes from the Latin “rapio” or “rapere” which means to "catch up or snatch away." Called the “Holy Rapture”, “Christian Rapture”, or “the Rapture of the Church”, this doctrine referrers to an event in which all Christians (living and deceased) will be taken out of the world prior to the Wrath of God that will be poured out upon the Earth in the final stages of the Great Tribulation Period. The actual second coming of Jesus marks the end of the Great Tribulation Period.

First preached in one sermon by Ephraem of Nisibis, in 373 AD, the rapture then reappeared in a book written in 1788 by a Catholic priest named Emmanuel Lacunza that was published in Spain in 1812. Brethren preacher John Darby taught the Rapture doctrine in 1827. The evangelist, William Blackstone popularized Rapture doctrine in his best seller, "Jesus is Coming." The Rapture doctrine then entered mainstream Christianity with its inclusion in the Scofield Reference Bible ppublished by Oxford University Press (King James Version text). It first appeared in 1909 and was revised by the author in 1917. The doctrine of the rapture is most popular in the United States, but its popularity is growing worldwide. The globally popular Left Behind book and movie series are based on the rapture from a pre-tribulation view, however three other popular interpretations about the rapture’s timing exist with scriptural credibility.

1 Thessalonians 5:1-3, “Now you do not need to have anything written to you about times and dates, brothers, for you yourselves know very well that the Day of the Lord will come like a thief in the night. When people say, "There is peace and security," destruction will strike them as suddenly as labor pains come to a pregnant woman, and they will not be able to escape.”

Four Popular Interpretations About When the Rapture Will Occur

Pre-Tribulation Rapture: a belief that the Rapture event is the beginning of the Seven Year Great Tribulation that precedes the second coming of Christ. In this belief, the vanishing of the Christians will cause new faith among millions who then accept Jesus as the Messiah. The left behind believers will have to go through the Great Tribulation and will witness the antichrist/beast come to power and they will suffer greatly. Most pre-trib believers interpret the verse in 1 Thessalonians chapter five referring to the event “as a thief in the night” to mean that the vanishing would be quite or secret. The “sudden destruction” is often interpreted that corresponding global disasters may also occur during or just after the vanishing event. Many “pre-tribbers” suspect that the rapture might occur at the commencement of the global disasters predicted to begin between 2010 and 2012; and they believe that these disasters may contribute to the formation of a one world government, one world religion, and will help empower the antichrist/beast. However, the pre-trib view is not based on any specifically predicted event so these are purely speculative; also there is no year given in the bible for the event. There were many believers who predicted that the rapture might occur in the year 1,000 A.D. and many others believed it might happen in the year 2,000 A.D. The age of apostasy that we live in now, however, does correspond to the age described in the bible signaling that event is near. Many non Christians also believe that the world is now going through the End Times.

Mid-Tribulation Rapture: Similar to pre-tribulation rapture belief except that the rapture is predicted to occur at some point during the Great Tribulation. In this view, the Christians are at first unaware of who the antichrist/beast is, and are taken out of the tribulation period before the worst part occurs. They may or may not know the identity of the beast. To a mid-tribber, the Great Tribulation may be taking place already, and the 2010 – 2012 disasters (if and when they happen) may be the final prophetic events needed to be fulfilled prior to the vanishing. If a mid-tribber believes in a seven year tribulation period, then a short time of suffering for the Christian is expected; the predicted seven year peace deal with the Middle East is a sign to look for. If the Mid-tribber believes in a forty nine year tribulation period, then the mid-tribber most likely believes that our global state of apostasy is part of the Great Tribulation which started years ago. In the long tribulation view, the vanishing of Christians will occur seven years before its end. Therefore, a long term mid-trib view and a seven year pre-trib view are similar in several ways.

Pre-Wrath Rapture: The Pre-Wrath Rapture teaches that the seven seals of the book of Revelation are not God’s wrath, but Satan’s. During these seals the abomination of desolation will take place at the midpoint of the final seven years, and Christians will suffer under the Antichrist’s rule for an unknown amount of time, but for no more than three years and one month. Then, at the sixth seal at an unknown time, the sun will go black, the stars will fall and the moon will turn blood-red, and Christ will come to gather his Bride together to be with Him in heaven for eternity. It is at that time that God’s wrath will be poured out on the inhabitants of the earth via the trumpet and bowl judgments.At the seventh bowl Christ will conquer the kings of the earth at the Battle of Armageddon, and then usher the remnant (those who believe in Christ after the 6th seal rapture) into the Millennial Kingdom.

Preterism or Replacement Theology: This is a belief that the Christian Church replaced Judaism as God’s one true church during the time period of 70 A.D. at the destruction of Israel and the burning of the Temple. According to this belief, the verses referring to the rapture have already happened and the Earth is currently under the reign of Christ. The word Preterism comes from the Latin word “praeter” and means past. Therefore a Preterist would say that the rapture has already happened. Several theological institutes are now teaching this version of the rapture and it is gaining a sizable following.

My Personal View

I have found the rapture doctrine to be supported by enough scriptural and scientific evidence that I believe it is a valid doctrine. I do not believe that the event has occurred. I also suspect it will happen within my lifetime; however, my faith does not depend on it. The pre-trib doctrine was the first doctrine that I was taught, and is the one that I prefer. However, the mid-trib and pre-wrath views have good logic and verse references supporting them. Because of this, I have become agnostic about when the event will occur. I have grown fond of the old saying, “I’d rather prepare for the Great Tribulation and be surprised by the rapture, then prepare for the rapture and be surprised by the Great Tribulation.”

Part Two: Inventions

NOTE: The exact time of the rapture cannot be predicted; these rapture related inventions do not claim the ability to predict when the event will occur, however, they can detect the rapture when it occurs and (in some cases) can record data prior to the event. These inventions would function as designed in a pre-tribulation and mid-tribulation rapture scenario; however, the pre-wrath function would be limited. A preterist would not believe that such inventions would be functional or have any practical purpose except for getting people to think, talk, and debate the subject of the rapture.

The purposes of these inventions are:

To ensure that the vanishing of millions of Christians cannot be explained away by media spin designed to attribute the vanishing to lives lost in catastrophic natural disasters that may be timed with the event. [pre-trib / mid-trib]

To alleviate the confusion generated by people who were left behind that thought they were Christians. They will most likely try to explain away the rapture (because of their exclusion) rather than conform themselves to true biblical beliefs. The media will be able to use these testimonies to help build a case for an alternate cause for the vanishing. [pre-trib / mid-trib]

To provide evidence that can be used as a witnessing tool by those who are left behind to win new converts. [pre-trib / mid-trib]

To open time capsules containing survival supplies and instructions for those who are unable to buy and sell because they have refused to receive the mark of the beast. [pre-trib / mid-trib / pre-wrath]

Vanishing Switch

The key to recording information about the rapture is the ability to detect it instantly. I have designed and/or built several variations of vanishing switches (sometimes referred to as rapture sensors or resurrection sensors). In order to shorten this post I have only included one of my designs. The design included in this post is one that is easy to explain and affordable to build.

This is what gave me the basis for the vanishing switch:

1 Thessalonians 4:16-17 “For the Lord Himself will descend from heaven with a shout, with the voice of the archangel and with the trumpet of God, and the dead in Christ will rise first. Then we who are alive and remain will be caught up together with them in the clouds to meet the Lord in the air, and so we shall always be with the Lord.”

A Spring Clamp Switch was the type of vanishing sensor I built to demonstrate a working model of a Rapture Alarm in a demonstration given to a church congregation a few years ago. I used this type because it is easy to understand and can be built for less than $7. I purchased a medium size spring clamp and a pull chain switch from a local home center. I then drilled two holes in the handle of the clamp. I mounted the switch in one hole and mounted the pull chain in the other hole. Squeezing the clamp once cocked the switch. Releasing the handles cause the chain to be pulled, thus activating the switch. I then hooked the switch up to a light and placed the clamp onto a broom handle. When I snatched the broom handle out of the clamp, the light came on. When mounted to an arm or leg of a deceased Christian, the sensor would activate when the body vanishes, thus detecting the rapture.

In my demonstration, I clamped the sensor to a cow’s leg bone to represent a bone surgically removed from a Christian organ donor. This was to demonstrate that rapture related devises could be constructed in controlled lab settings and would not require the use of a grave or tomb. That sensor was wired to a computer tower and when the bone was removed from the clamp, the congregation heard an audible alarm.

Rapture Alarm

In simple form, a Rapture Alarm could be any type of signaling devise that is triggered by the rapture. One example of a rapture alarm might be a solar powered, battery operated, blinking red LED mounted on a tombstone that activates when the occupant vanishes. When someone goes to the tombstone to investigate the light, they might find an unlocked lockbox that contains a Holy Bible and a printout of the scriptures that predicted the rapture.

A complex computer controlled Rapture Alarm could unlock a church’s door, turn lights on, open a time capsule that contain instructional literature, videos, and supplies designed to help post-rapture converts survive the tribulation.

Rapture Alert System

Originally conceived in the plot of a futuristic sci-fi novel, the rapture alert system would consist of a global network of churches having Rapture Alarms that are linked to an automated and secure internet based system. This system would coordinate computer based survival instruction programs as well as provide antichrist counter intelligence functions to left behind converts. I was working on this plot in 1999 and 2000. However, when I saw the Left Behind movies, I abandoned the book project because I thought my plot was too similar. I have not yet decided if I should finish that book with an altered story line, perhaps from a mid-trib rapture scenario.

Rapture Recorder

The Rapture Recorder works like a computer based security system designed to collect video footage of the Christian rapture and gather any desired scientific data. The collected video and data would be stored locally as well as uploaded to a website. Users could then download the information via internet for study. The raw video information could then be edited into a rapture documentary with time codes that show the actual vanishing. The following is an explanation of how this predicted event can be recorded without knowing when it will occur.

How it Works

Web cams placed in recognizable public high traffic areas send continuous video feed to a central computer. The computer keeps the most current 30 minutes of recorded time in a saved window. When triggered by a vanishing sensor, the computer saves the already stored footage (with time codes) then continues to record for several hours until its memory is full. Some of the cameras would be recording busy intersections. The video that follows the rapture would have irrefutable evidence because it would contain license numbers, company vehicle logos (with company vehicle I.D. numbers), recognizable faces, recognizable store fronts with addresses, and corresponding daylight shadows that help validate the time codes in the video. All of that video evidence will be difficult to cover up with media spin since these numerous accidents (along with the rescue efforts that follow) would be recorded simultaneously in various countries around the world.

This computer would also monitor major TV news channels from around the globe, via internet, and record the special reports of the corresponding global vanishings and accidents that result. The computer would also have a custom search engine that would find and save headlines from major online newspapers, blogs, and other media reporting events related to the rapture until weeks after the event has occurred. This would preserve the history that would soon be re-written in an attempt to cover up the event.

A filmmaker could then take this raw footage and edit a documentary beginning 30 minutes prior to the rapture that captures the event itself in real time, and the events that follow. Multiple filmmakers from around the world could make several different versions of the documentary from the same raw footage. This would give the same effect as the multiple accounts of Jesus’ resurrection in the different gospels of New Testament. Each filmmaker would add his or her own personal view; the multiple accounts of the same event might seem in some ways contradictory, but would validate themselves by cross-referencing the same historical event.

System Failsafe

The failsafe system in the novel I was writing worked like this: When more than 10% of the one thousand monitored graves detected a possible rapture, the system saved the already recorded footage and began recording additional footage, but instead of sending out an alert, it sent text messages to 10 Christian watchmen. The computer was then on a two hour countdown. If the Christians were raptured (therefore unable to reset the recorder), it proceeded to send out the automated alert and initiate its post rapture protocol.

The Science That Got Left Behind

In addition to video footage, the recorder could collect a wide variety of scientific data in a lab setting. When reading this, please keep in mind, that it was an idea for a rapture based novel/movie; I admit that this is very far fetched material.

Theoretically, a tomb could be constructed as a small lab resembling a hospital room with a patient. The “patient” or test subject, could be fitted with various types of sensors to record quantum changes that would occur during the resection and vanishing of a body. Because the bible says that the vanishing will happen instantly, the data would be recorded at an ultra high speed so that it could be slowed down for study. The data would have a ten second recording window and would store information in a similar manor as the rapture video recorder. Experiments that could be monitored from this tomb lab are not limited to but include: sound, EKG, moisture, bone density, body weight, movement, radiation, infrared light, body heat, room temperature, air pressure, RF radiation, white noise, fast time video, radar, etc.

The purpose of the experiments would be to provide a scientific look at the religious event. The study of the collected evidence would provide “buzz” within the scientific community. Evidence could be used to validate the rapture and help some scientifically minded atheists become believers. This evidence could also fight the effort to cover up the event.

Part Three: Reasons for the Recorder

The Need for Proof

If the rapture is timed with the chain of natural disasters that have already been predicted by scientists for the 2010 – 2012 time frame, the fulfillment of the long predicted biblical prophesy could be partially overlooked because of the heavy death toll and mass destruction that would follow in the wake of multiple global disasters. As the world attempts to “rise from the ashes”, a global economy, the federalization of nations, and the unification of peacekeeping forces would be logical. Such globalization would likely spawn a spirit of unity that brings the different religions together for survival and hope during the “rebirth” of civilization. This would be an opportune time for a world leader to come into power and form the official one world religion. Members of the Jewish community are still waiting for the messiah and believe that he will be a political figure who comes in power. Whoever the premiere politician is that brings about unity is likely to be embraced as that messiah.

As the world unifies (in accordance with bible prophesy), the testimonies of thousands of so called “christians” who were left behind, would help the antichrist deceive billions of people. The following are more factors that could contribute to this deception:

This is the first generation in the United States that does not understand the basic biblical principles that former generations took for granted.

This generation in not aware that the bible teaches of the "age of accountability" which is age twelve according to Jewish traditions. The age of twelve, as proven by science, is when a person can accept or reject what has been taught to them. Prior to that age, the child is not responsible for what he or she believes. Therefore, (in theory) all of the children under twelve (no matter what religion) would be raptured with the true believers. It could also mean that anyone that has reached the physical age of twelve, but has not developed that far mentally due to ADD, ADHD, childhood brain damage, or handicap would be included. False "christians" who were left behind could argue that since all religions were included, it must have something else other than the rapture.

Also, theory has it that the unborn children from every culture on earth may vanish from their mother's wombs; an argument could be made that God does not perform abortions.

Organs donated by deceased true Christians could vanish from their recipients to re-join their raptured donors which would cause a horrible epidemic of deaths. An argument may be made against the Christian rapture claiming that a loving God is not that cruel. These disappearances then could be linked to a theoretical alien abduction since mysterious organ disappearances from livestock has already been reported in conjunction with UFO encounters.

There are many other scenarios that have not been though of yet which could aid in building the spin needed to explain away the rapture.

Part Four: My Part as the Inventor

As the inventor, if I also became the builder of a rapture recorder or any related system, then any member of my family that got left behind would be logical targets for agents of the new world order (or whatever name it goes by) that develops from the post apocalyptic ruins of civilization.

Also, if I was the builder, then it would be just one computer system that could easily be defeated by hackers. If any of the above rapture related inventions are to be built, then they need to be put into operation by other groups or individuals who do not publicly announce construction of these devices. My battle with the antichrist/beast is being waged prior to my own rapture departure by witnessing the truth of the gospel of Jesus Christ. This is so that as many as possible will be included in the rapture event. I have only built a working model for demonstration purposes. That model was then damaged while in storage. It is not destined for me to be a builder of one of these systems or the procurator of someone else’s system. My part has been fulfilled as the inventor only.

Anyone who wants to build a rapture recorder invention as described above for personal use or for sale is free to do so. The recorder can be used in books, movies and other media. However, I do ask that when giving credit to the inventor that the "G" is included in my name since "Cody Carson" is another published author; all of my acting, writing, directing, producing and inventing credits are listed as Cody G. Carson.

This is a link to the first public media coverage of my rapture inventions. The write-up was done by a pre-Wrath blog, so the initial article is not favorable of the invention. The comment section gets interesting, however, and I do join in with the discussion and provide additional information about the rapture inventions.

Part five: The Value of the Recorder’s Concept as a Ministry Tool

Even if none of the rapture recorder related inventions are ever built, there is still value in the concept as a Christian teaching tool. Consider asking a Sunday school class about these two scenarios:

Hypothetical Selection A

You are a member of a secret organization that built a global rapture recorder alert system. The organization has spent thousands of hours programming the system and has thoroughly developed its safeguards against hacking, false alarms and malfunctions. The organization being of a limited budget, however, has decided to use ten test subjects (deceased Christians) representing various Christian denominations to trigger the system. One of the safeguards is that eight of the ten subjects (buried in different locations around the world) must vanish simultaneously for the system to be activated. You have been given the assignment of picking the ten test subjects. It is up to you to pick the chosen ones from a list of one hundred volunteers who have already died; how would you select them?

Which denominations would pick from and why?

What are the core Christian beliefs that all ten individuals must have and why?

What interview questions would you ask their friends, family members, fellow church members and co-workers to help you make the right decision?

Hypothetical Selection B

What if you were one of the one hundred deceased volunteers and someone else was considering you as a possible rapture trigger.

How would the people that you know answer the questions asked about you?

Did (your name) truly believe the bible?

Did that belief show up in the way (your name) treated people and conducted business?

Did (your name) just talk the talk, or did (your name) walk the walk?

You have heard of WWJD; would WW(your name)D be a good substitute for it?

Would you risk the successful operation of this system on (your name)?


If you do NOT think you (your name) would be chosen for the rapture recorder system, then what makes you think Jesus would choose you for the rapture?

How do you know you will fly when God presses the big Christian eject button?

Do you know what a TRUE Christian is or how to become one?

A Last Note

This post in no way implies that I believe in salvation through good works. I do, however, believe that the presence of good works in a person’s life is a validation of that salvation.

This has been a scientific application to a predicted religious event. I understand that many Christians try to keep their science separate from their religion; this is unnecessary. I have learned that true science does not contradict true history, and that the bible is true history. All of the apparent contradictions between science, history and the bible result from misinterpretation or lack of data. There are many mysteries in science and in history, but there is no mythology in TRUE Christianity. Christians have no need to fear science; we should be drawn to it. Truth is truth, and we should continue be the pioneers of it. There has never been a better time in history to be a creation scientist. Jesus spent forty days making appearances to his disciples after His resurrection to provide verifiable proof of His return from the dead. His ascension into Heaven was witnessed by five hundred people. We were not commanded to have blind faith. Faith that is verified by scientific evidence is unshakeable.

If you publish any of this information on the internet or any other media outlet, please notify me so that I can post a link to that information from my website or blog. Thank you.


  1. Very interesting website! While I share your viewpoint completely, I'd like to encourage you by attempting to show some problems that may help you to fine tune your "rapture recorder".
    First a have a spelling error in the paragraph just before Part 4...thought for though...I believe.
    I have spent my life in pursuit of the absolute proof (called apodictic certainty). I started by reading "Evidence that demands a verdict" and have gone from there into every apologetic book I could find. Most miss the point. I studied philosophy and psychology at UC Santa Barbara with a strong focus in epistemology/applied analytic reasoning.
    I'd like to discuss my findings with you personally since you are so interested. Look me up on Facebook...
    Dave Castle