Thursday, February 12, 2009

Hate Crimes Laws: the end of religious freedom & Culture war dynamics

I was asked how impending hate crimes laws would be used by homosexual activists to silence the Christian church. There is too much information to post about this subject, so I have made a short sample of the many articles and sources available on this subject. No matter what your religion, it is important to understand, that the passage of these laws will end religious freedom and free speech in any country where they are passed. This is because they will include "hate speech" as a crime. This will eventually mean that anything said that could be judged as offensive would become illegal. The citizens of the United States and Canada are at the most immediate risk. These sources are from liberal, unbiased, and conservative media outlets so that you can get a well rounded view of the issue. Keeping that in mind, be sure to visit more that one of the sources listed below.
The freedom of speech and freedom of religion in America and Canada will eventually end by the "cooking live frogs" technique. It has been proven that if you turn the heat up too fast, the frogs will jump out; but if you turn the heat up slowly, the frogs adjust to the gradual increase and do not sense danger. They die in a comfortable pot of boiling water. Canada's heat is at the boiling point now and America's is only a few degrees cooler.
America's Culture War dynamics
The Democrat Party in America is run by well funded homosexual activists, pro abortion activists, atheists, pornographers, and socialists who are trying to impose regulations that federalize private business under the cloke of environmental protection. There is also a host of other well vested liberal special interest groups. This is the party of the liberals and proponents of big government which is paid for by high taxes.
The liberals of Democrat Party currently control the curriculum of the public school system and therefore is highly in favor of standardized regulations in education and is against home schooling. This party fights to keep evolution taught in schools and fights to keep intelligent design from being taught.
Its voting base is enlarged each year as students of the secular public school system graduate after years of its anti-American ideological indoctrination. Because of the fast paced video games and media influences, these teens tend to have short attention spans, and are chiefly concerned with what affects them at the moment. This has affected their long term cause and effect reasoning skills. They have been sold the idea to "vote for change" without realizing what change they are voting for or what it will mean in the long term when those changes take place. This does not mean that all teens vote for Democrats or that all teen Democrat votes are not well thought out; it is, however, a statistical fact, that the liberal doctrines taught in secular education greatly influenced the recent Presidential election.
Statistically, the Democrat Party voting base has also benefited from the increased divorce rate as the majority of single mothers become more concerned about big government benefits than the party's political agenda. This is not to say that there are no Republican single mothers – this is, however, a trend proven by voter analysis in exit polls. Obama received a decisive advantage over McCain among single mothers.
This party uses the ACLU to create lawsuits enabling Judicial Activism to overrule the will of the majority vote.
It also favors illegal immigration despite the devastating burden it places on the economy and healthcare because it causes the need for a larger government. Also, as more and more illegals vote with fraudulent IDs, the party reaps the vast majority of those votes.
This is the gun control party that favors banning hand guns and assault rifles from private citizen ownership.
It is the party of "political correctness" that is moving America toward freedom FROM religion, by its atheist leaders and ideologies.
The Republican Party in America is run by under funded pro- family, pro-life activists, conservative Christians, constitutionalists and advocates of parental rights, privacy, home schooling, free speech, freedom of religion. It also has the majority of the members of the military, private business owners and entrepreneurs.
This party believes in lower taxes, greater individual freedoms, less regulations on private business. It has an aging, dwindling and discouraged – but devoted voting base. These are the "values voters" and the free economic voters who want the immigration laws enforced and the borders protected.
The Republicans do not want gun control laws because of the understanding that only law abiding citizens will give up their only means of protecting themselves against well armed thieves. Gang members (who have illegal guns already- including fully automatic machine guns) would not have a deterrent to crime and terrorization other than an over burdened and under funded police force. The passage of gun control laws will mean conservatives will have to own guns illegally for protection from intruders.
The Republican Party would favor both evolution and intelligent design being taught in public schools giving the students freedom of choice; this is due to the evidence stacked greatly in favor of intelligent design.
The Republican Party views the courts in the same manner as the founding fathers – umpires – not activists.
Individual within this party are often victimized by the ACLU in lawsuits designed to curb religious freedoms.
This party favors picture ID requirements to keep illegal aliens from voting.
This party is loosing the fight to keep America's freedom OF religion.
The Republican Party is also loosing its more conservative voting base as it adopts more moderate and liberal social policies to try winning votes from Democrats. The division within itself has caused leadership problems and has spawned the creation of dozens of spin-off political parties that have true conservative social and economic ideologies. Members of these spin-off parties usually understand that they have voting power only when voting for one of the two major parties and usually choose the Republicans as the lesser of two evils.
Recommended movie:
If you watch the movie "Swing Vote" you can see glimpses of the core values that distinguish these parties. The movie was made by liberals and, therefore, demonizes the Republican Party more than the Democrat Party (as would be expected). However, it does attempt to show the struggle of the culture war in an entertaining way. If you rent it, be sure to watch the deleted scenes as there is more meaning to the movie when they are viewed. Note: there is offensive profanity to Christians as the Lord's name is taken in vain often by the main character.

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