Friday, July 6, 2012

Cody G. Carson’s “God gave men strength and responsibility” quote

Cody G. Carson quotes:



Cody G. Carson's "strength and responsibility of men " quote:


"God encoded the man's DNA with greater [physical] strength to equip him for the provision and protection of women. That strength was NOT intended to be used to dominate women by force, or to use, abuse, degrade, belittle, exploit, enslave, or otherwise harm them; such are attributes of mental weakness, immaturity and inferiority. However, when a man is gentile – AND FAITHFUL- to a woman, he displays the mental and emotional strength that is balanced with his physique. Such a man is rare and deserving of a woman's respect." - Cody G. Carson 



Philosopher  Inventor  Filmmaker  Actor  Author

Former U.S. Marine





Cody G. Carson

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Cody G. Carson
philosopher, film producer, director, actor, author, inventor

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