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Memphis audition for Arkansas made Human Trafficking Movie

Memphis audition for Arkansas made human trafficking film


The Arkansas Movie Makers Organization (AMMO) Human Trafficking movie project is now titled, HEARTLAND PRECINCT: Missing Girls


A Cody G. Carson film


Former titles were "I Was Trafficked" and "Girls for Sale"


Memphis, Tennessee auditions


May 15th 10:30 – 5:30

The Randolph Branch Public Library

(in the meeting room)

3752 Given Avenue

Memphis TN, 38122


NOTE: Some old information was posted; there is NO audition for this movie on May 8th. Again, the one and only Memphis audition is May 15th .


Location Specifics

The Randolph Branch Public Library is located in the heart of the Highland Heights neighborhood at the corner of Given Avenue and Isabelle Street at 3752 Given Avenue. Report to the meeting room and sign the roster. It is a first come, first serve audition. When your name is called, you will be escorted to a filming room to do your read.


About the Movie

This film will cover the tough subject of Human Trafficking. It is to be shot in HD digital and designed for theatrical release as a crime chiller. It is the first project of AMMO: the Arkansas Movie Makers Organization. AMMO has higher standards of decency than typical Hollywood productions. Although this movie will not be kid-friendly viewing, the movie does contain pro-family values, and addresses some of the root causes of Human Trafficking. It also contains information that may help rescue some of the 100,000 sex slaves currently held captive in the United States (average age 11).


The target rating for this movie is PG-13. There will be no nudity, however it may be implied. Some of the scenes will be very intense and may cause the movie to get an R rating. There is no profanity written in the script, however, if an actor adds mild profanity during filming, it will be the director's discretion if it remains.

To get an idea of the thematic elements, see the movies "Human Trafficking" and" Taken".


This film originally started as a local zero budget project. However, there has been such great interest due to subject matter and script quality that individuals from seven states have expressed interest in joining the project.



Anyone under the age of 18 must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian. This is because audition time and space is limited. Minors will not be allowed to participate in this film project without written permission by someone legally responsible. Therefore we cannot allocate the time needed to audition anyone who will not be given permission to participate in the project.


Safety and Conflict of Interest

This movie contains strong anti-porn messages and also addresses other root causes of rape, pedophilia, and Human Trafficking. To ensure the safety of the underage female cast, and to maintain a family friendly on set environment, we will not be hiring any sex offenders. To avoid conflict of interest, we should also avoid working with anyone involved with the production, promotion, distribution or sales of adult / pornographic material. This includes performers within the adult industry. Models / actresses who do nude or topless work need not apply.


SAG Pay Scale Goal

Because the project started with a zero budget plan, all actor salaries and travel expenses will be deferred until distribution unless a higher budget level is reached. If enough investors come onboard, deals may be made with some or all actors for all or partial front end pay.


Although nothing has been finalized at this time, it is our goal to make this production in accordance with a SAG Ultra Low Budget agreement and at least offer scale (or better) rates to the smaller roles and higher than scale rates to the lead and main supporting roles. However, we are still early in pre-production and these details have not yet been finalized.


Bottom line: If this movie does not sell, then you will not be paid. If the movie sells well, then you will be paid SAG scale as a starting point, and distribution will determine what (if any) extra bonuses are paid.  However, pay should NOT be the issue about working in this movie.  Many have signed onto the project considering it to be a helps ministry for the victims of sex trafficking. 


Shooting Dates

The planned main shoot is currently scheduled for July 24th through August 8th. Second unit shooting may begin as soon as all elements of the project are ready and the locations become available. Quality is the utmost priority for this venture.


SAG and non-SAG actors

Arkansas is a "Right to Work" state. Assuming we reach a satisfactory agreement with "the guild", we will hire SAG and non-SAG actors.



To get script sides, join our yahoo group:


When membership is approved, click the script sides folder link. We do not have sides for all parts. Pick a side (of your same gender) that you feel comfortable doing even if it is not a part you would be considered for based on your age or race or body type. You may also include a one minute monologue from any movie or stage play provided there is no profanity or vulgar language.


If you are unable to join our yahoo group, then you may get sides from Cody G. Carson at  However, Cody receives between 75 and 300 emails per day regarding this or related projects, so your reply may be delayed.


Sending a Self-Made Audition Reel

If you can not make it to our audition, you can use and email us a self-made audition by June 1st. If auditioning for one character, length should be 1 to 3.5 minutes in length. If auditioning for more than one character, please limit the reads to 2.5 minutes each. It is best to have one character per submission instead of one long reel with different characters.



Casting will begin on June 5th and will be done by a committee of 3 to 10 AMMO filmmakers who are collaborating in the project. You may get cast for a role different than what you were auditioning for; you may audition for this movie and could get a call from one of the AMMO producers about a possible casting assignment in one of their other movies.


Casting Priority

Most small roles and bit parts will be reserved for Arkansas residents. This is to ensure that the production does not get delayed by the last minute no show of a small part. The lead and larger supporting roles are open to any U.S. residents.

Why Hold Auditions Outside of Arkansas?

AMMO's mission is to build a viable movie market in Arkansas. This market does not currently exist. Arkansas has hundreds of talented actors, but to maximize the potential quality outcome, we have extended the recruiting process for the lead and main supporting roles in an effort to attract working professionals from already established film markets.  We will reserve the small roles for Arkansas residents so that the project cannot be delayed by a small part no show.


Although this is an open audition, it is NOT an "all call" for everyone who wants to act. We are looking for the BEST actors to fill the lead and major supporting roles.

Partial Principle Cast List Breakdown


Lead Characters:


Sheriff Nick Middleton – (Mid to late 40s) White. Tall and tough looking. Does not have to be super handsome, but he is not unattractive. Can be slightly heavy. He is confident, strong, and moral. A family man made serious by his job. Former Military. . He is fast paced, sharp, well educated, serious, and sometimes emotionally distant.  He is an Alpha Male softened by having the compassion of Christ. Nick is NOT country, or cowboy, or redneck. He would only wear a cowboy hat on Halloween. He has no noticeable southern accent.


Mary Montgomery – (17) White. Fashion model or glamour model looks. She is untouched and unkissed. She is a head-strong outspoken conservative Christian activist who runs a home based video pod cast, talk show and blog. She is like a female version of Rush Limbaugh. Mary is no Southern Bell, has no accent. She could easily be a full-time news anchor. Her only local intellectual match is Todd Middleton. Like the "Lion and the Lamb" Mary has the peaceful, gentile compassion of Jesus Christ, but when confronted by enemies she is bold and confrontational. Bottom-line; she's a head-strong leader. She is home schooled and academically ahead of her public school counter parts.


Kaydi Jones – (12) Cute, innocent and naïve in the beginning, but it does not last long. She is kidnapped by sex traffickers and is, raped, beaten, psychologically tortured and is being trained to be an underage prostitute. Sometimes, she is "hollow" and distant (in shock). Other times she is very aware and frightened. Not a lot of speaking lines, but plenty of screen time all the way through the movie. She must act with her eyes. (Excellent acting skills with a very wide range are mandatory.)


Mike – (40- 50) White. Leader of the small sex trafficker gang. A cunning and forward thinking businesslike entrepreneur building an illegal local sex industry from the ground up. He takes pride in his small operation, Good at delegation. Only mean when needed. He does not think he is evil; he is amoral. Mike is not country, but can have a SLIGHT Southern accent. He is personable when around other men and could have been a doctor, lawyer or politician. However, he can change into a forceful and scary monster when he needs to scare the girls.  He is well educated and knows psychology. He's a pick-up artist who traps under aged girls on the internet by using fake social network profiles of young guys. He truly thinks that he is the natural result of secular Evolutionary philosophy.


Deputy Holly Vega – (30 – 40) White or Latino. Attractive, tough, moral, adventurous, a Mustang car lover, who is good with computers and guns. Comfortable as a detective or undercover cop. If she was in a Bond movie, she would be the girl that Bond wanted, but couldn't have.  She is strong, single and not looking. She is Sheriff Middleton's tough case partner and a good friend. Holly is outwardly a tomboy, but has a natural sex appeal that attracts younger guys. She hides her inner girly, girl vulnerability from everyone except Sheriff Nick Middleton and Detective Truman Ford.


Detective Truman Ford P.I. (40s) Can be White, Latino, or Asian, He is moral and inwardly attractive. He is a team player. He becomes the unexpected love interest of Detective Holly Vega during the investigation; therefore, physically he needs to be someone that Holly Vega would be interested in. Truman is NOT country, cowboy, or redneck. He would never wear a cowboy hat and has never ridden a horse. He is no alpha-male, but his integrity is rock solid and he is naturally charming & strong. He can talk with a woman openly about his feelings making him irresistible to many contemporary women. He downplays himself with playful non-sincere cockiness. He is a wholesome, open-book, good guy. Friendly, trusted and loyal. However, he is somewhat troubled inside by all of the evil he has seen in this line of work. He is a Corvette fan and former racer. 


Main Supporting Characters


Derrick – (25 - 38) Black, big, scary and super strong; he could be a lineman on a professional football team. He has a loud, deep voice. He is a sex trafficker who enjoys being abusive. He's a loose cannon, rapist, and murderer. He is head-strong and sometimes a challenge to control. The girls fear him the most; he can unnerve people just by being in the same room. Over the top bad guy.


Rodney – (30s) Hispanic or white. Medium to small, thin. A sex trafficker, a follower. Has a soft spot, but it does not keep him from doing his job training the girls through rape and abuse. He offers occasional kind words and what he feels is encouragement.  He is bossed around by Derrick and is often stuck doing the cooking and laundry. He is a creepy, greasy, sleazy, weasel.


Todd Middleton (17) the Sheriff's son and Mary's boyfriend. A handsome, tall, thin, karate geek, science fair winner and inventor. He is fearful of elaborate government and corporate conspiracies. He is Mary's cameraman. A follower. A romantic dreamer. He honors his commitment to not try anything with Mary.


Clare Middleton – (40- 42) White, Asian, or Native American. A bit heavy due to change of life. Intimidated by Agatha's beauty. She's not the insecure jealous type, but suspects her husband's friendship with Holly Vega is a pending affair.


Deputy Sean "Gung Ho" Briggs – (24) A rookie deputy. A former U.S. Marine fresh out of active duty as Corporal in Force Recon. He is a testosterone juiced, macho, jock and ladies' man. He would be a total jerk except for his dedication to his job and hunger to save the world that gives him a likeable hero quality.


Pam -(13- 15) White. An innocent girl who is kidnapped by the sex traffickers. The movie's plot has violent intensity in store for this character; the actress must have excellent dramatic skills. However, this role may not be suitable for many young girls to play.


Princeton Montgomery M.D. -(50) Mary's father and a surgeon. A dedicated family man and strong Christian role model. Confident attractive and wealthy.

Agatha Montgomery -(37- 40) A retired model, Mary's mother and Princeton's wife. She's responsible for Mary's beauty, conservative Christian morals, and home schooled education.


About Sides and Building Your Character

Note 1:  Pick the best 2 to 3.5 minutes you can perform. In your read, you can choose to read for MORE THAN ONE character. However, it is your responsibility to make sure the script reader is notified of what sides you are reading from AND that the script reader has found that side before you begin reading. Remember that you may not get a chance to read your full side or set of sides, so pick the best one first.

Note 2: Except for Mary Montgomery, slave girl parts do not have many speaking lines; However, these roles require exceptional acting skills and some of them have a lot of on camera time and facial close-ups. If auditioning for one of these roles, we need to see believable fear, pain, depression, horror, and anger. You may provide your own monologue, or can read the Kaydi Jones sides titled "Kaydi Jones Pam and Rachel sides".

Note 3: The script sides provided ALTERED script pages. The action / directions have been removed, so feel free to be creative as long as it is real. Conversations from different parts of the script have been linked together with minimal notification of a scene change.

Note 4: After four minutes have expired, you will be stopped even if the scene you are reading is not yet finished.

Note 5: Holly Vega has 8 pages of sides so that the talent can better understand her complex mix of strength and vulnerability. It is not intended for anyone auditioning to read all 8 pages in their audition. If you audition for Holly Vega, pick one of the two monologues and one or more other scenes to fill your four minute block. Identify the scene you want the script reader to assist you with before you begin your monologue so that the script reader is ready for you when you finish your monologue presentation.

Note 6: Sheriff Nick Middleton and some other characters have two sets of sides. Anyone auditioning for the Sheriff should read the side titled Nick and Clare together. It is suggested that the "interview with Jenny Jones" sides be used in the audition with the Nick and Clare together sides for a better Sheriff Nick Middleton read.  Be sure to NOT present Sheriff Middleton as country. Country sheriff stereotypes or heavy accents will not be considered. 

Note 7: Mary Montgomery has two large sides. The one titled Mary and Todd together is a glimpse of Mary as she is filled with high hopes and dreams (the Heartland's sweetheart). The other part of the sides shows Mary in her three needed characteristics. When she talks with Todd, she is Mary, the gentile. When she talks to the callers, she is Mary the fighter as well as Mary the friendly. When she does her pod cast as a reporter, she is looking into the camera and is Mary the Professional.

Other Auditions

Little Rock, AR auditions are May 22nd.

There will be no Tulsa, OK auditions (OK residence may attend Little Rock auditions or send self-made audition CDs/DVDs. 



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